conditions for reservation / rental

Conditions apply for the western Mediterranean in MYBA contracts, Mediterranean Yacht Brokers Association.
(Mediterranean Yacht Brokers Association).


At the time of signing the charter contract, a deposit equivalent to 50% of the total amount is required to confirm the reservation. The remaining 50 % of the total amount as well as delivery and return costs must be paid 4 weeks before the start of the rental.


Delivery and return costs requiring time as well as fuel will be charged pro rata in case of rentals with a starting point or final destination different from the original departure.


The yacht owner reserves the right to charge a deposit against any damages caused by the charterer.
Rental fees include:
1 . Leasing and insurance of the yacht, with all its equipment in working order
2. Wages and food for the crew
3. The laundry costs relating to the yacht


The charterer must pay extra (at cost) for all other expenses, such as:
1 . The cost of fuel for the yacht (main engines, generators, annexes, jet skis)
2 . Food and beverages for the charterer and guests
3 . Laundry costs of personal items
4 . All communication costs
5 . Harbour dues and mooring costs
6 . Customs formalities and, if appropriate, local and national taxes
7 . Water and electricity